Study Participation

By participating in a clinical study you have the opportunity to do something extraordinary. You
can help make a difference. Advances in medical research are made possible through clinical

Every day research uncovers new information about diseases and their treatment. By taking part
in a clinical study, you are an important link in a long chain of research and development of new
investigational medicines for future use.

People volunteer for a number of reasons. You may volunteer to advance science. You may
volunteer for the opportunity to receive more effective treatment for your disease. You may
volunteer to receive better medical treatment. You may volunteer to receive medical care if you
do not have access to it or if you cannot afford it. You may volunteer to benefit future
generations that suffer from the same medical conditions you have.

Most people who wish to volunteer will be included. However, each protocol has specific criteria
that must be met for you to be included. To determine eligibility you will need to provide the
research team with your personal health history and access to your previous medical history. At
Emerald Coast Research we encourage potential volunteers to share study information with
their primary care providers and family to make an informed decision about participation. Our
team is willing to discuss the study with you, your family, and your primary care provider.

If you are included, you and our Principal Investigator will find the study that is best for you.
Clinic visits for some studies can be lengthy. For the comfort of our patients, we provide Lazy
Boy recliners, HD satellite televisions, reading materials, video games and movies. If you are
required to fast for laboratory testing, breakfast will be provided and lunch and dinner are
provided for extensive stays. Compensation will be provided for your time and travel.

Please select one of our “Current Study” links to the right to view our current studies. If you are
interested in participation, please contact us online or contact our staff directly at (850) 785-6550.